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Covid FAQs

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Covid Testing Table

We are planning for a fully in-person program for the 2023 session.

Should COVID surge instead of the current trajectory of decline, we will be prepared to pivot as appropriate to current policy. In this case, some posted courses may not be offered. 

COVID-19 Policies

We are confident that even with required COVID precautions, we can achieve the residential community, hands-on learning, and experiential field trips that are a key part of Arts Intensive. The program will follow the university regulations to ensure COVID-safe practices and interaction. As enrolled students at Stanford, AI participants will engage in the same masking and distancing expectations, same testing regime, same commitment to safe behavior, same contact tracing expectations, as set forth by VPSA in their guidance to on-campus students. 

Cancellation Clause

Cancellation is always a possibility. If we are not confident that we can host a fully in-person Arts Intensive with community interaction and out of the classroom field trips, we will pivot to virtual workshops for appropriate courses in the summer. Some classes would convert to virtual, and some would be cancelled entirely.

The Arts Intensive program fee will only be applied to defray costs of room & board on campus, so students will receive a full refund of the program fee if the courses are cancelled or converted to virtual.

Each course description will note what will happen if a pivot is warranted by mid-July. 

Travel regulations will be the most important item. If students must quarantine in isolation for 10 days after arriving on-campus, they will lose some of the community bonding that is so intrinsic to Arts Intensive. We are optimistic that this regulation will be adapted early enough in the summer for us to feel confident about September well in advance. 


Check back regularly for updates on this page. Please email us with questions at