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Campus Housing

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Integral to the AI experience is the creative community. During the first two weeks of the program, all AI participants live in the same residence hall on campus along with the Arts Intensive Apprenticeship (AIA). In the third week, students will move into their designated autumn housing assignment.

Students are assigned a roommate and live in double occupancy rooms. Room and roommate assignments are provided upon arrival at check-in. Each floor will have an AIPA assigned to it.   

Housing Important Dates

ai move-in day

AIA (Staff) Early Check-In:  8/29/24

AICA (Staff) Training day: 8/30/24

AI Student Check-In: Monday. Sept. 2,  1-5 pm

AI Student & Staff Program Housing Check-Out: Friday, Sept. 13

Housing Fees

The program fee covers the cost of room and board during the AI program dates. However, students are responsible for paying any fees, in cash, related to lockouts or lost keysdamages, and unauthorized guests in their room.

Early Arrival Housing Fees

Please note that students will receive a billing statement that will indicate an early arrival fee was charged to them. Students may disregard this fee listed on their statement.

  • AI covers the Early Arrival fee, and accounts will receive a credit for the charges in their next billing statement.
  • A credit will appear on the account as “Anticipated Aid" and is considered “paid” by the university. 
  • Students may also disregard the due date for this portion of the billing statement.
  • However, responsibility remains with the student for payments not covered by the AI program.
  • Students should contact AI at if the “Anticipated Aid” does not appear on the billing statement.        

Housing Accommodation

If housing OAE accommodation is requested, AI staff will confirm the accommodation needs directly with OAE.  Every attempt will be made to address accommodation requests confirmed by OAE in advance of the program start.                                           

Residence Hall Resources

  • Laundry Facilities: free laundry facilities are in the basement of respective halls.
  • Vehicles: students with a vehicle on campus should contact Parking and Transportation Services to secure parking permits.
  • Bikes: bikes must be parked and locked in the racks provided. For safety reasons, bikes may not be parked in corridors, entry halls, common areas or on the sidewalks. If a bike is found in the hallways, fire and safety hazard codes necessitate their immediate removal without warning.
  • Maintenance Emergencies: Call 650-725-1602