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Graduate Residential Assistant (GRA)

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Job Description

AI Showcase with GRA

The Arts Intensive offers students the unique opportunity to explore their creativity outside of the pressures of the regular academic year.  Approximately 100 students enroll in 8 arts courses over 3 weeks in September. Through Arts Intensive a strong community is forged among students and faculty that extends beyond the classroom.  Guest artists, professional networking and course field trips are built in to the program.  At its best, Arts Intensive creates an atmosphere of intense artistic exploration, encouraging collaboration and innovation. The Graduate Residence Assistant links the students’ experience in their classrooms and studios to the residence hall and program-wide events.

The GRA combines a live-in residential role with creative producer duties for AI program wide events. Reporting to the Arts Intensive Director the GRA supports the overall mission of the program during the September Studies period, The ideal candidate for the position will be an MA, Co-Term or doctoral student in the humanities or arts and have some course work and/or arts directing/curating experience either in the visual or performing arts disciplines.

Residency Requirement

Late August to September 30, 2023 (program dates are September 4 - September 22). GRAs are required to be in residence throughout the duration of the program, living amongst the students, supervising AIAs, and develops dorm-based programming and move in/out duties.

Responsibilities During the Program 

  1. Provide outside the classroom supervision to 10 to 12 Arts Intensive Apprentices (AIAs) and residence based supervision to the approximately 90 program students.
  2. Create a mentoring environment that contributes to the academic, intellectual, personal, and social development of students.
  3. Help to organize and orchestrate successful co-curricular activities and trips. This includes program events and social activities with an arts focus.
  4. Provide general operational support for the residential aspect of the program. 
  5. Function as liaison to the program director in the overall supervision of the AIAs.

Position Expectations

The GRA is expected to:

  • Participate in staff orientation and training.
  • Work full-time as a live-in resident.
  • Contribute to program co-curricular planning for the program-wide events, particularly the final Arts Intensive Showcases.


Compensation will be a stipend plus room and board for the period during which program participants live in program-assigned housing, after which point the GRA will continue to provide events support through the AI Showcase.  As part of the compensation package, a program meal plan is also included.  Pre-program planning may be offered (August) for an additional payment, TBD.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: Candidates should possess exemplary interpersonal and facilitation skills, strong organizational skills, and excellent oral and written communication skills. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability to, and passion for, working with undergraduates as well as a desire to see them develop as leaders. Knowledge and experience in arts event producing is a plus.


Bachelor's Degree required; Enrolled in Stanford MA, or PhD program.

The strongest candidates will have experience:

  • working with diverse groups
  • supervising/working with undergraduates in a college residential setting
  • teaching undergraduates

The successful candidate will demonstrate commitment, initiative, independence, and the ability to contribute to a team in a dynamic working environment.

Application Process

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, a recent resume, and a list of two references to

For more information on the program, please visit the arts intensive website or contact Gina Hernandez at