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On January 27, we are moving our Arts Intensive content from our old site to our new site. If you cannot find the page you are looking for, please try again later.  We expect the site to be completely moved by January 28. Thank you!

Staff Applicant

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Arts Intensive Staff Positions

The Arts Intensive program hires student staff positions for the September program: Arts Intensive Apprenticeships (AIAs), Graduate Residential Assistant (GRA), as well as paid quarter-long Student Outreach Assistant and program photographer positions.

Graduate Residential Assistant (GRA) 

The Graduate Residential Assistant position combines a live-in residential role with creative producer duties for AI program wide events. GRAs are responsible for residential supervision of AIAs and community building during the program. Ideal candidates for GRA will be an MA, Co-Term or doctoral student in the humanities or arts or an interest in directing/curating experiential learning in the arts.  Salary for full -time, residential duties between late August to September 30, 2022.

JOB POSTING is pending

Arts Intensive Apprenticeships (AIAs) 

Arts Intensive Apprenticeships are residentially based and work to support AI instructors and enrolled students in arts intensive courses. AIAs also build the AI community in the residences and through program events. Applications open from February 2, 2022 and will have a submission deadline of February 16, 2022, 11:59PM (PTD). 


Arts Intensive Project Assistant

Arts Intensive Project Assistants (AIPAs) work with program staff to develop and deploy student outreach strategies that increase the visibility of the Arts Intensive Program during Winter & Spring quarters.


Program Photographer

The program photographer will capture images during the dynamic program period to document program courses, events and field trips. Working with program staff, they will build weekly production schedule to shoot and catalogue images. Experience with digital photography and portfolio samples required.