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Arts Intensive Gallery

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  1. Exploring San Francisco in 360, Experiments in Virtual Reality course.
  2. Students paint a mural in San Francisco Chinatown in an AI Course taught by artist alum, Julie Chang '07.
  3. Vice Provost and 2018 Arts Intensive Instructor Harry J. Elam Jr. views student ceramics exhibit in 2018 program showcase.
  4. Electronic recording in state of the art studio at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).
  5. Students filming projects for Write and Shoot.
  6. Write and Shoot instructors and AIPAs at the Arts Intensive opening event.
  7. Instructor Adam Tobin welcomes Arts Intensive 2018 Students to The Anderson Collection for private viewing event.
  8. Professor Jonathan Calm guides students in the digital photography course New York Still.
  9. Students and Professor Jonathan Calm explore NYC through digital photography course New York Still.
  10. Students and Professor Jonathan Calm explore upstate New York through digital photography course New York Still.
  11. Ceramic objects created by students in the Expressive Vessel course.
  12. Students reviewing objects during the Expressive Vessel course.
  13. Instructor Deardra Fuzzell leads a raku firing in the Expressive Vessel course.
  14. Students and AIPAs from Expanded Cinema filming and recording at Pescadero Beach.
  15. A student from Expanded Cinema capturing sound samples at Pescadero Beach. 
  16.  Instructor Jamie Meltzer leads students in Expanded Cinema: Experiments in Virtual Reality.
  17.  Instructor Sara Shaughnessy working with students in Design for Silver and Bronze
  18. Final projects from Design from Silver and Bronze.
  19. A student in Design from Silver and Bronze working on a final project in the PRL.