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AIA Eligibility and Commitment

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Graduate students, seniors and juniors, and co-term students enrolled in the academic year following the Arts Intensive are eligible for consideration, and must be in good academic standing. Students who will be enrolled, but will not have a campus housing assignment in the fall are also eligible to apply. However, please note that AI program housing ends on September 15, 2023. Off-campus students will need to move into their fall housing at that date.

Note: AIAs, are expected to live in residence with student participants during the program unless prior arrangements for housing prohibit this and are discussed before accepting the AIA position


As an integral part of the creative community, AIAs live with students in program housing, provide class support in building a joint residential and academic community through afternoon, evening, and weekend activities.

AIAs must attend all mandatory meetings, including those occurring in spring quarter: Faculty/AIA Orientation Meeting, Title IX training, and Pre-Program Training. (Students who will be abroad in the spring are eligible to apply for the AIA position, but will need to work closely with the program to develop a plan for completing the required training.)

Furthermore, AIAs must attend all mandatory training sessions occurring before the start of Arts Intensive Program. The 2023 training dates are pending at this time. 

Critical to the success of an AIA, they must offer their full attention to the program training, with no other obligations including any part-time employment, training for residential positions, NSO commitments, or other activities. AIAs cannot work a part-time job or travel independently during the program. 

Known conflicts: New Student Orientation (NSO), Faces of Community presentations, and Residence Staff training conflict with the AI program dates, and so AIAs may not fill one of the above positions—it is not possible to do both. Students do have a full 11 weeks of summer before beginning Arts Intensive duties, so there is generally no conflict with department summer research positions or most summer fellowships.