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Arts Intensive Apprenticeship (AIA)

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Job Description

The Arts Intensive (AI) is a residential summer program offering a unique immersion into the process of making art. The program is characterized by an atmosphere of intense creative exploration, in which students, through collaboration with their instructors, peers, and guest artists, create a community. AI classes meet in the morning in the classroom and in the afternoons for labs, rehearsals or field trips making for a truly immersive experience. The program generally offers 6-8 different workshops focusing on a specific art form. AI courses typically culminate in the creation of individual and/or group projects.

Applications for the Arts Intensive Apprenticeship (AIA) open on February 8 and will continue to take applications until all AIA positions are filled. Please send inquiries to for further guidance.

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Ahmad OG 2021

Arts Intensive Apprentices (AIAs) help facilitate every aspect of the immersive Arts Intensive experience. Under the mentorship and leadership of their program faculty, and supervision of the Arts Intensive Director, AIAs support students in exploring the focus of their seminar; serve as program assistants for program-wide events and help build a community in the residence halls; assist with logistical elements necessary to create a vibrant and respectful residential experience; provide support and leadership in the classroom and with outside associated activities; have responsibilities as liaisons between the faculty and AI program staff.

Following an apprenticeship model, AIAs are the primary point of contact for students in the program, and as such, are positioned to be responsive to students in and outside of the classroom. Tasks include implementing community programming; facilitating academic enrichment activities outside of class in coordination with the curriculum; managing a course budget, ensuring safety and social distancing regulations are upheld.

AIA-Course Assistants are paid a stipend for fulfilling the role.  

Grad:  $3000

Undergrad: $2,500

AIAs working with classes that involve extended travel are hired through the Axess payroll system and receive $4,565.33 before tax withholding

Each AI course will be assisted by at least one upper-class AIA who will fulfill the following roles:

Residency Requirement

AIAs are required to be in residence throughout the duration of the program, living amongst the students, unless prior arrangements for housing prohibit this, and is discussed before accepting the AIA position.

Resident Assistant

AIAs live in the Arts Intensive Program residence hall with their students. AIAs use out of class time to foster collaborative and peer learning and provide social opportunities for bonding. AIAs are supported by and will report to the Graduate Residence Assistant for this aspect of their position.

Workshop Assistant

AIAs will have the unique opportunity to work closely with arts faculty and build their knowledge of the art form as they learn about the teaching of creative skills. AIAs must be responsive to the faculty of their AI course and committed to the success of the program-wide activities.


As mentors, AIAs are role models who can share their knowledge of the broader campus resources for art making and link students to arts networks at Stanford and beyond.