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Arts Intensive Mentorships


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Access Your Creativity

The Arts Intensive offers three weeks of instruction in September, two units of credit and a creative community to last a lifetime! By bringing together a mix of arts-focused courses, students participate in a creative community that engages in continued dialogue beyond classroom.

  • Up to 9 courses to choose from, students enroll in 1.
  • Classes meet daily, Monday through Friday.
  • All courses are hands-on and project-based, designed to dive deep into a particular art form.
  • Students live together, immersing themselves in a vibrant cultural experience that encourages intellectual curiosity and creative skill-building.
  • Art studios, fabrication and media labs, practice rooms, and more are readily available in during the session.
  • Planned field trips and impromptu evening and weekend excursions to Bay Area arts venues enhance what's learned in our courses.